The Winner Of The Life

The Winner Of The Life

One day, two companions approached a stall to buy books and magazines. The seller turned out to be poorly served. His face was pouting. The first is clearly annoyed to receive such services. Surprisingly, people are both still enjoy, even being polite to the salesperson. Then the first man asked his friend, "Hey. Why would you be polite to the salesperson who sucks it? "

His friend replied, "why, why do I have to allow him to determine the way the Act? It is the determinant of our life, not someone else. "

"But he is serving us with crappy," refute the first person. He still feels irritated.

"Yes, that's a problem he would like to bad mood, not polite, serve with the bad, and the other, anyway that baseball has to do with us. If we were to be affected, means we let him set up and affect our lives. But we are responsible for ourselves. "

Friend, our actions are often influenced by the actions of others to us. If they did a bad thing, we will reward with the things even worse. If they're disrespectful, we will be more disrespectful again. If other people stingy towards us, we initially quixotic suddenly so in such a cheapskate when having to deal with that person.

Try to meditate. Why we should be influenced by the actions of others? Why to do just fine, we have to wait to be treated well by someone else first? Keep the mood. Don't let other people's bad attitude to us to determine how we act! Select to keep doing well, though they are accepting things that are not good.

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