Love Mother No Time Limit

Love Mother No Time Limit

A fight with his mother & leaving home. While walking he just realized that he simply does not bring money. He passed a tavern noodle. He'd love to order a noodle because hungry.

The owner of noodle looking child stood long enough in front of the tavern, and then asked "Son, do you want to order noodles?"
"Yes, but I didn't bring any money," answered the boy with timid. "It's okay, I'm going to treats you, "replied the owner of the tavern.

The boy was soon packed. Then the tears start to teary. "What's up Kiddo? "Ask the owners of the tavern. "It's okay, I just moved because of a new-nor have I knowledge gave me a bowl of noodles but my mother alone after a fight with me, drove me from the House. You're a new nor have I knowledge but so care about me.

The owner of the shop said: "son, why do you think so? Ponder this, I just gave you a bowl of noodle you're so thrilled & ... ... ... ... Your mother has been cooking noodles, rice, etc. until you are an adult, you should be grateful to him.

The boy was shocked to hear it. "Why I do not think about it? "

For a bowl of noodles from a new person nor have I knowledge I was so grateful, but against my mother's cooking for me over the years, I don't even care.

The boy was soon spent his food so he braced himself to immediately return home. Arriving at the threshold of the House, he saw his mother with frazzled & face anxiously. When looking at her son, the first sentence out of his mouth was "son, you're home, fast entry, I have prepared the dinner."

Hearing this, the child could not resist the sorrow he cried before & mother.

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