Study Of Pigeons

Study Of Pigeons

The Dove is the bird that has never been bifurcated heart. Try to pay attention to, is there a dove who likes to pair? The answer is "no"! His partner just 1 all his life.

The Dove is a bird who knows where he has to go home. No matter how much flying pigeons, she never lost to return home. There are pigeons have come home to another? The answer is "no"!

The Dove is the bird that romantic. Try to note when the males give praise, while the female was embarrassed. Have we noticed they were chided? The answer is, "no"!

Dove knows how the importance of working together. Try to note when they work together to make a nest. The males and females each successive take twigs for nests of their children. When the female incubating, the males stand guard outside the enclosure. And when the female exhaustion, the alternating males incubating. Have we noticed they were throwing his job? The answer is, "no"!

The Dove is a bird that does not have bile, he didn't keep the "bitterness" so as not to hold grudges.

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