If Only

If Only

If you're able to enforce the head, when those who are in forfeit everything and blame each other.

If you're able to trust yourself when all men doubt you. But you're still able to understand their doubts.

If you can wait and not get tired of waiting. Or lied to, but do not lie. Hated, but not hate.

But all of that is still not very good, or not so wise.

If you can dream and there is nothing forcing you to dream.

If you can think of and there is nothing forcing you to think.

If you can accept the victory and disaster and received both the same way.

Or watch everything we build, was destroyed. But picking it up and rebuild it with tools obsolete.

If you can foster a victory and continue to soar.

And lose, and start everything from the beginning and never talk defeat.

If we can strengthen the heart, nerves, and muscle meat to make you survive the defeat.

And stay afloat, even if you have no one else except the will which says ' hang in! '

If you can speak in front of a crowd and still maintain dignity. Or walk with Kings without forgetting as ordinary people.

If no one's enemies and friends can hurt you;

If all the people get, but not too much.

If you could fill out a painful moment with sixty seconds worth of distance run.

Yours is the Earth and all who are contained therein

And, more than that, you're right to be a man, my son!

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