After You Go

After You Go

My open my phone, no more ye who always meets my inbox, there is no longer a good morning and a happy sleep for me. No more jokes that always leads me in happiness, no more jokes you made me smile. There are no more stares that makes the heart racing and soothing. There are no more grip your hand that always gets me going strong every problem that hit me. No more hugs for you who made me feel safe and serene setting near you. Now, there is now something that is missing, is not the same as it used to be.

I'm hoping my days run smoothly as usual., though no you beside me. Now, I'm trying to go through all the activity I am as usual. And I could go through it all though my heart feels empty, hollow without yourself that keep me company every day. But, I have to keep going with all this. After you left, I realized how much I love you. Once you go, you take all the love and happiness that my own, fleeing to a foreign place thus does not know where its existence. Your torment is so big for me, and I was too weak to get this ordeal, I was so weak to get scratches the wound in my mind which is increasingly growing day.

Now I realize, not her fond so sincere that I did, but you are dear to me and love me sincerely without any lies. To be honest, I regret it after you left me totally go here with your shadow. I'm sorry to have made you upset, and I don't mean to disappoint you. I'm sorry I prefer him in the appeal we are clearly my beloved. It's obvious he was hurting me and been repeatedly playboy times with lies and false promises all, but you're different, you so keep me, love me, and I just waste it. Why I'm as stupid as these.

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