Fishermen Are Satisfied

Fishermen Are Satisfied

A rich businessman from the city of surprise encounter on the beach fisherman was lying beside his boat idled, while sucking on a cigarette.

' Why do you not go fishing? ' asked the businessman.

' Because the fish I catch has generated enough money to eat today, ' said the fisherman.

' Why don't you catch a lot more than you need? ' asked the businessman.

' What for? ' asked his fishermen.

' You can collect more money, ' he replied. ' With that money you can buy an outboard motor that you can sail farther and catch more fish. Then you have enough money to buy a trawler nylon. It will produce more fish, so also the money even more. Well, as soon as your money is enough to buy two ships ... even perhaps a number of ships. Then you will be rich like me. '

Next I have to do what? ' asked the fisherman.

Next you can relax and enjoy life, '' said the businessman.

' According to This now, do you think I'm doing what? ' said the fisherman is satisfied.

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