Love Is Always There

Love Is Always There

Love is not something that is taboo anymore to known
Many people feel happy because of love
Love will become a love of ...
If loved ones reciprocate the love that is given
However, love will be the rage ... ... ... ...
If a loved one even deceived her. .. ".
Love will never die
But will keep growing in every
The pores and blood flow of the human race
Until the end of time ...
Makassar is really beautiful in the morning. The air is cool, peaceful atmosphere and feels good. Without my even realizing a year already I was in town my dream come true. Hmmm,,,, the perspective is increasingly felt at peace.

This sunny morning I dihadapakan with the natural green and sunny skies to welcome the sunshine in the morning. Once in a while in the East, it looks Golden thunderous kemuning, the sound of a vehicle passed by and the sound of the Red Rooster that always wake up all the people in the morning. Despite everything felt noisy and uncomfortable listening. But to me it is all beautiful music sound alignment. Wind gusts also seems not to be outdone for giving its own tune. Heart, soul, and my feelings were participating get carried away with all that. Almighty God, who created all this beauty. Subhanallah It. ...

At the beginning of this year 2012, all must be changed. Surely the better. Hah,,, stories in the year 2012 will soon begin. And that would be prepared for all who will come to you. Keep the spirit......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the second day of this new year, I found a new friend who is so good. He always took me in every time chering. He is a arvian. Arvian is a friend of one campus and one faculty with me. During this time I was not aware of it, because I used to belong to people who are less sociable and quiet. If anything my friend, she is just another Narnia and jesica. Arvian is a student who is smart but sometimes never lucky. There is one thing that must be modified by him, his lazy attitude that always gnawed at him.

Sometimes she would often arrive late during the hours of College already started. There are even more severe than that, many of the tasks that he lalaikan. I know all of this, because it turns out Arvian is perhaps best known on campus as the lazy. She just need some motivation. Dunno what to make of him like that. I do not know. I do not dare to ask it, because I was afraid of hurting persaannya. Too hard to find a friend who can be believed, that's what menyebabkanku is trying to keep this friendship

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