Looking for the perfect

Looking for the perfect

A young man who lives in Perth have until the age when he felt he had to find a life partner. So he searched for the perfect girls across the country to marry. After days, weeks and weeks of searching, he encounters a very pretty girl-the kind of girl who can decorate the cover of the magazine women even without make-up or cosmetics!

However, even though he seemed perfect, the young man was unable to marry her. Because that girl can't cook! So the man went. This girl is not perfect enough for her.

Then he sought again, for weeks, months, and finally he found an even more beautiful girls again, and this time the girl's exceptional cuisine is delicious-better than you can in the best restaurants in Australia, even better than you can get from the family restaurant. This girl is even running its own restaurant!

But this young man was unable to marry her anyway. Because of shortage of girl is she's stupid. He was unable to establish a conversation at all, not at all intelligent. He has not attended, all he knows is a Cook! So the man went. This girl is not perfect enough for her.

Then he searched for weeks, months, until he finally found the girl on this one! She is so pretty, its cuisine exceeds the five-star restaurant, in fact she had had her own three restaurants: Thailand, Japan style style and style of Italy. And he is so intelligent, he's got two doctoral degrees, his knowledge is so vast, it could establish a conversation so good, so good, so compassionate. She is perfect!

But, this young man could not marry her. Because this girl looking for the perfect man!

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