Tears Of Love

Tears Of Love

Girl: I want to say something.

Guy: Yes, please want to say what?

Girl: Ex I came to me, he asked back..!

Guy: Huh? Then if you still love him?

Girl: I dunno, but he came first from. According to the mas, what should I do?

Guys: If you still love him the same, go to it!

Girl: Mas not jealous? Mas not angry?

Guy: (voice weak with bowed) why would I get mad, maybe he can take care of you better away from me. I know, if it's true you love me, you will probably not bear turned away from me. * drop any tears to fall wet cheeks *

Girl: (speechless, transfixed by the words of his beloved) Mas. hear me, see me..! I do not want another, I promise love will keep the both of us, I will never leave you for another man. * and then wiping his tears *

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